Michael Schiavo Desecrates Terri’s Grave

Michael Schiavo said he wanted his wife to die with dignity. He said she was already brain dead but it was about “the dignity”. Well, as his last goodbye to her he desecrated her gravesite and caused yet more grief to the family. Not only did this sub human tell Terri’s family that she would be buried in Pennsylvania and then buried her in Florida without them even being notified, he desecrates her grave. He has written on her headstone “I kept my promise”. Now even if after all this you believe that he kept his promise, would you want that on your headstone? Is that the best thing that he has ever done for her, having her starved/dehydrated to death? And since when is someone’s headstone about someone else? Isn’t it supposed to be about Terri? It is just so low and disgusting. This guy is near the top of my list of cruel and heartless people in this world. Forget about all the suspicions. The facts we know about him are more than enough.

It has been said that Michael decided to have Terri buried in Florida out of respect for the family. Forget the fact that they weren’t even notified of the burial and she was conveniently cremated against the families wishes. You don’t suppose that he desecrated her grave nearby where it will be an ongoing reminder to the family of what he has done to them? Every time they visit they have to look at that and the painful memories of what they saw her go through and who caused it. In light of everything else that is the only logical conclusion you can come to. After all, Michael Schiavo has a history of being a cruel individual. I don’t know what he could have done any worse under the circumstances. He also put on the headstone that she “departed this earth in 1990”. He put that she was at peace in 2005. Why if she was brain dead did she become at peace after she was put to death? Where is the dignity in being starved to death? Is she at peace knowing the terrible things you continue to put her family and friends through? I’m just curious Michael, where is it you think she went when she departed? And were you thinking about her “peace” when it took you so long to call 911?

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