Michael Savage Deserves Freedom of Speech – Autism Opinions Badly Distorted

What a world we live in where people demand that other people’s views be silenced. So many radical extreme left liberals have demanded that Michael Savage be removed from the air that you really have to wonder if people would prefer living in the United States or Nazi Germany. It is interesting that the same people tend not to have a problem with Christian bashing and Jew bashing.

Michael Savage does sometimes say some crazy things, but sometimes it is simply his method of getting people to ponder certain issues. Whether you disagree with his opinions or his methods, you don’t have to listen. Who are you to decide what freedom loving people should listen to?

The autism comments that Michael Savage came under fire for were so badly taken out of context it is shameful. Michael Savage has actually been a champion for children with special needs. You may not like his methods, but he was making a point that some people abuse the system and there is a tendency in society to over medicate children. You might disagree with that opinion, but to accuse him of being some kind of hater of children with disabilities is vicious, to say the least.

Obviously there are a lot of people who need medication and Dr. Savage does not dispute that. There are abuses in every area of life, and no doubt he is correct on this. He knows about the drug Risperdal, which is an antipsychotic medication that is now being used on children with mild cases of A.D.D. I know first hand about that myself. Once a child starts getting certain medications, you may never be able to get them off of them. If they are labeled as mentally challenged or disabled, there are certain decisions they might never get to make in life and you might not have the right to make them for them. It is a slippery slope. Borderline cases should be handled with care. You just don’t know what psychotic drugs are doing to someones emotions or their long term physical and mental health. 

Dr. Savage is also correct when he basically says that some people are being labeled with Attention Deficit Disorder who are simply spoiled children. I believe that based on common sense and observation. People have been brainwashed into thinking that teaching their children right from wrong is harmful. Schools today don’t want to be bothered with working with parents with kids who have behavioral problems. Obviously the epidemic of problem children, no matter what the diagnosis, shows a potential connection.

Savage tends to exaggerate to make a point and often shoots from the hip. I sometimes like Michael Savage and sometimes I can’t stand him. I also know how to turn a radio off or turn the channel if I don’t like what I hear. That is the way America is supposed to work.

I sense an ulterior motive when people exaggerate, distort and take out of context what people say. Michael Savage has a way of getting people’s attention. It is very easy to pick out a sentence or two and make it look like he is the devil. That is like shooting fish in a barrel. It is amazing how many comments I’ve seen that refer to his autism opinions as hateful comments “toward” children with autism… That is just dirty pool.

I doubt most people who are trying to make out Michael Savage to be a hater of children actually heard the shows in question. They obviously don’t like him, and I suspect they have their own cool-aid stand somewhere else. People like that are not looking for a fair debate. They are looking for suckers to mislead.

Maybe Michael Savage’s detractors don’t know or pretend not to know about Savage’s brother who was institutionalized and never uttered a word in his entire life. Michael Savage knows about the reality of children with mental disabilities. He also knows about the reality of abuses that can cause those truly in need to not get the attention so desperately needed.

Michael Savage might be a little crude in his methods, but his taking the kicks may have caused more than a few to give the subject some serious and rational thought. Perhaps it may have saved a few kids from being falsely labeled and saved them from a lifetime of medications and the limitations that come with that. Maybe as a result, a few with serious learning disabilities will receive a little more attention by not having to compete with those who are improperly labeled. Lets face it, there is always a gray area and we should make sure that they err on the side of caution when it comes to giving children unnecessary medications…

Perhaps the hate mongers who hover over Mr. Savage, waiting for a one-liner they can run with are afraid he is on to something. Otherwise they would disagree and debate, not distort and mislead.

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2 Responses to Michael Savage Deserves Freedom of Speech – Autism Opinions Badly Distorted

  1. Interesting. You did not provide context for Mr Savage’s remarks though, you reinvented them and substituted your own. And you took the time to label anyone who criticized him as hate mongers and extremists.

    Thanks for the spin … and the chuckle.

  2. Gene says:

    The context I used for my opinions was from hours of radio programming spanning numerous talk shows. Savage may have been crude, but he doesn’t humiliate mentally challenged people on his show like, say, a Howard Stern. Michael Savage is bringing attention to an issue, while Stern is just trying to see what he can get away with.

    I don’t think everyone who criticizes Michael Savage is a hate monger or extremist. I don’t agree with everything he says myself. The difference is I don’t go around telling everyone he hates children just because I don’t like his opinions. Many people who criticize him don’t even realize they have been misled themselves and don’t know there is a real issue behind his anger. Regardless, it all boils down to freedom of speech… Glad I could make you chuckle. Hate mongers and extremists don’t laugh enough;)

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