Michael Savage Announces the Start of the Savage Nation Party

Michael Savage has announced on his radio show the start of a 3rd party. He is running an exploration committee and will be the architect of the Savage Nation Party. The name, however, is open to suggestions. My own suggestions would be the Freedom Nation Party or the Savage Freedom Party… 

This will not be like the independent party, which is really just a catch-all for candidates that don’t make the cut in the democrat or republican parties, especially the democrat party. This will be a party based on solid principles, not a middle of the road party that the republican party has more and more transformed into. It certainly won’t be the party of anti-Christianity, which the democratic party has transformed into. So what will form the foundation of the Savage Nation Party? The founding principles will be based on something Dr. Savage frequently brings up on his popular radio talk show – borders, language and culture. You can bet that it will be a pro family party.

While many will shrug off his idea, if he actually follows through you will see a major shakeup of the political world. A few seats here or there can change everything. Just think what might have happened if there was a strong conservative candidate put up by a 3rd party this year. The parties were all nervous when Ralph Nader and Ross Perot ran for President. They were not serious contenders, yet a few percentage points of the vote is enough to put fear into the political parties. Imagine a 3rd party candidate that truly represented the people.

Will Michael Savage go through with it? I suppose the response he gets will be the telling factor. He is definately big enough of a player to change the political landscape. There is a big political void to be filled and he already has a built in base of people looking for real change. Wouldn’t it be something if Michael Savage was the one who actually got it done…

“It is code red in the United States of America. It is code red because both parties are sacking this country… These vermin don’t care what is going on. Great oaks from little acorns grow. As we can see the gangsters working for Obama created a little acorn called ACORN. And from this little acorn called acorn they have created a great oak of voter fraud… The lord spoke to me and said you have more important work to do.”

— Michael Savage on his radio show – 10.09.08

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  1. Love Savage’s show. The man says what others won’t. Keep it up!

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