Michael Moore – Aid and Comfort to the Enemy

Michael Moore - Traitor

An old petition at conservative petitions.com I just stumbled upon has 5,875 signatures to brand Michael Moore as a traitor. While I don’t expect treason charges against this vermin any time soon, it never hurts to remember those who have provided aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war. Lest they fool us in the future with more lies and rhetoric. How soon we do seem to forget. Moore made a lot of money appealing to the hate crowd and to the naive. In any other time period I think he would have been charged with treason. I guess it speaks for the times we live in. The only groups that can be called into question these days are Christians and Jews. Liberalism and political correctness dictate that we need to be nice to traitors and those killing in the name of Allah. You’ve come to the wrong place if you are looking for understanding and justification for those who murder innocent people.

*note: I will be making similar posts in the future about anti-Americans. Someone needs to hold their feet to the fire. How many deaths have been and will be caused by those who have encouraged terrorists by denouncing those who defend freedom and “understanding” those who actually commit the murders of the innocent?

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