Media Making Economy Worse Say 77% of Americans

I guess the only good news is that 77% of Americans recognize the power and irresponsible ways of the media. The poll was taken by the Opinion Research Corporation and surveyed 1,000 adults. Those surveyed expressed a belief that the media is making the economic crisis a self fulfilling prophecy.

“Although statements by the media are protected by the First Amendment, the survey results demonstrate that the public believes that the press bears some responsibility for the lack of confidence in the economy. One would hope that the media would act less out of self-interest in these times of national crisis.” — Richard L. Scheff, national expert on corporate liability and white collar crime.

The media has no problem ignoring good things that happen. Chuck Norris wrote in December about how  the success in Iraq was not covered in 2008.

I believe that even though Barack Obama has won the Presidency, the media wants to make what he inherits as bad as possible, thereby clearing him of blame and giving him credit when things turn around. If things are bad you are going to hear George W. Bush blamed well into the 2nd year of Obama’s Presidency.

2008 saw a lot of media bias to be sure. In October some in the media were open about John McCain and Sarah Palin getting unfair treatment and even tried to justify it.

A Zogby poll way back in February showed that nearly 70 percent of Americans believed traditional journalism was out of touch. So people have come around to the reality of media bias. Unfortunately, even though most people recognize that there is a bias in the news, they tend to believe what they hear in the present. In other words, there is a tendency to believe liars, even though you’ve been fooled before. Fool me twice shame on me is often not the reality of the real world.

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