Media Lynching of Pat Roberston Will Fail

Here we go again. Media lynch mob mentality. String up the Christian. Now listen, we have Senators, Congressmen and even an ex Vice President saying things against our own President and Military that many deem to be treasonous. So what does the media decide to report on? A Reverend who says we should take out a foreign leader who wants to do Americans harm. Elected officials who rally terrorists instead of American troops are patriotic to the liberal media. Pat Robertson is not even an elected official.

To the dismay of the liberal media, Pat Robertson will go on as always with the support of millions. This will baffle the extreme left because they still don’t understand America. Pat Robertson has a following that will not be thrown off by yet another media smokescreen. He is a good man who has helped countless people. He says what he thinks. He is not guided by the polls, unlike most of our elected officials. His resume is far more impressive than anyone in the liberal media. Most people who buy into the media smear campaigns have no idea of the good things he has done. There is a reason they attack him. Not because he is part of the extreme right wing that they like to refer to. He is actually much closer to the heart of America. He is a spokesman for Christianity. This is a Christian nation, like it or not. See, liberals can’t be honest and say they hate the Bible. Instead they try to rewrite it. It’s hypocrisy at it’s worst. Why can’t they just be honest? Pat Robertson did not write the Bible. Attacking him does not change the Bible. Be honest. Like this… “I don’t believe in the religion of Islam. From what I know about it, I do not like it.” See, that wasn’t so hard. In my own words. I’m not going to say I’m a Muslim and then twist or pick the religion apart and say that God didn’t mean for this part to make the Koran or that part… I think that if God made the universe, what’s in His Book is what is supposed to be in there. If I don’t like it, I’m simply not buying. But the extreme left cannot tell the truth. They believe they can destroy Christianity by twisting it. Good luck with that. The thing you are destroying is your own country.

Meanwhile, many would rather shoot a messenger of God than a terrorist. You don’t have to believe the message, but you should respect his right to convey it. This story will fade away soon enough. It will go away because it won’t hold up the ratings and will not achieve the objective. To silence Pat Robertson. It wasn’t that long ago that the media thought they had rid the world of Rush Limbaugh. For saying that Donovan McNabb was overrated by the media. That made him a racist. He survived. He later survived another media assault. That one was because years ago he had become addicted to prescription pain killers after a failed back operation. Another nice try. Why is it that all the times these guys are right we don’t hear about it in the media? You only hear if they are wrong. Then the media usually has to take it out of context and distort it. It’s amazing what they decide you should know about. And what you shouldn’t.

***News Alert*** This just in… Natalee Holloway is still missing. For wall to wall coverage check out the tabloid media outlet of your choice. For information on the thousands of other missing persons go to, uh… Sorry, I don’t know where you would go for that. I guess the unbiased media knows which missing person stories are important and which ones aren’t.

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