Massachusetts Voters Say Yes to Marijuana and Reject Free Taxes?

Massachusetts voters said yes to marijuana and Rejected free taxes. What were they smoking? Oh yeah… They said yes to pot, but made dog racing a crime. I think the only enjoyment they want there is that which is in their own minds.

To reject free taxes by an overwhelming margin? What world do we live in where people want to give away their hard earned money to the government? I remember not that long ago that everybody complained about high taxes. That was before the evil George Bush gave everyone a tax break. Now Massachusetts voters would prefer high taxes – as long as they can be high at the same time.

They would prefer people lose jobs than to have dogs run around in a circle for 20 seconds. If the dogs could talk they would even say these people are nuts. Big dogs like these do not want to be couped up in someone’s living room. Then again, in Massachusetts they forget about their love of running and enjoy chilling out to 2nd hand marijuana smoke. I’m sure they won’t make that illegal.

Now marijuana might not be any worse than alcohol. That is debatable, but you are supporting drug dealers over anheuser busch in this case. It is more difficult for law enforcement to handle pot in regards to driving while under the influence and so on. I think we might all need to be high to survive a Barack Obama Presidency.

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  1. it does seem kind of weird when you put it like that. both would be grand. you could make up for the less income tax income by squeezing fines out potheads. like parking tickets. this is a slow step towards tax, regulating and licensing marijuana sales.

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