Losing Our Country from Within – Supreme Court Doing what Our Enemies Couldn’t Do

Do you own a home or property? Do you hope to someday? Don’t get too attached to it. The Supreme Court has ruled that local government can seize property from you at their discretion. The Ten Commandments is not constitutional in courthouses. Well, only in some. Actually it is constitutional in State Capital buildings. Remember, you are required to swear on the Bible in court. It’s not all a bit hypocritical is it? And the all important file sharing decision. How does that even make it to the Supreme Court? Well, file sharing is unconstitutional. Let’s recap: File sharing and the Ten Commandments unconstitutional. Taking your home is constitutional.

People are worried about President Bush appointing conservatives? You better hope he appoints some new judges in a hurry. Abortion will be the only right you have left. And if you think liberal judges care about your right to abortion you are wrong. It is an attack on religion. Particularly Christianity. That issue is just used to divide people while they strip you of your rights.

So many decisions are made by a narrow margin. An enormous amount of decisions on what is constitutional and what is not are made by a 5-4 margin. Isn’t our constitution worth more than that? That means a lot of times at least 4 or 5 judges ruling on everyone’s future in the United States have to be wrong. That in itself should be ruled unconstitutional. But who is going to do that? I think decisions that don’t have a clear majority should be brought to a vote by citizens. So many things have been passed that would not even come close to passing a vote of the people. Passed by activist judges who were not voted on and can’t be voted out. They take their time and whittle away your rights. Decisions that pave the way to make the next one easier for them to make. When they know something will bring an outcry from the public they simply don’t bring it to a vote. They save it for another day when they feel they can push it through with less resistance. Remember the Pledge of Allegiance debacle? Remember they ruled that an atheist father did not have legal standing to bring the case and did not rule that saying to Pledge of Allegience was constitutional. You can bet it wouldn’t be allowed if it weren’t for the enormous public outcry. Remember when these guys step over the line they are never satisfied. It is on to their next injustice.

The Supreme Court judges get plenty of help from the politicians. All the whining and bickering over crap, and the issues that go to the heart of the country are ignored. Just for one example, I’ll bet 90% of the people in this country don’t even realize that China is trying to take over one of the biggest oil companies in the United States. China, whose leaders have openly declared the United States as their biggest enemy… But all we hear about from most of the politicians is partisan bickering. Can you imagine if the United States tried to acquire a China Oil company? The outrage from liberals in this country would probably be ridiculous. But it’s OK if communist China does it to us.

Don’t think if you are against religion you shouldn’t still be worried about taking religious freedom out of the Constitution. It will cease to be a Constitution when it is separated. Everyone’s rights will be gone except for the elite few. You will truly have to worry about who is the President then. If you think you’ve seen abuse of power you haven’t seen anything yet. It will be too late then. The United States has always saved the world but who will come to our rescue?

Before anyone cries about the Patriot Act or the President they should focus their attention on what we already know to be a real danger. Liberal activist Supreme Court justices(injustices). They are an abomination to the United States. They have done more lasting damage to the United States than our enemies ever have. Where are the ant-war protesters on these issues? The environmentalist nuts? Save the “tree cricket” people? Abortionists? ACLU anyone? Hello? Where did they go? You are losing your rights and you are worried about President Bush stealing Saddham Hussein’s oil and false accusations of a terrorist having their Koran flushed down the toilet? Can you hear anything flushing right now?

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