LeBron James Tells Charles Barkley What He Thinks

LeBron James pretty much summed up Charles Barkley and the often inept sports media by calling Barkley stupid. Barkley, who seems unprepared at best when giving his opinions had complained about LeBron James mentioning 2010 free agency. Of course, in these situations it’s usually the media who tries to drag out these things in the first place.

It seems the problem with Barkley when he runs his mouth is that he is usually uninformed. The sports media in general falls into this category. Their opinions change faster than the weather. For Barkley to criticize James seems so ridiculous. There doesn’t seem to be a classier NBA player¬†out there than LeBron James. Trying hard to pick and find something negative is so, well, stupid.

It’s good to see LeBron James didn’t play the sports media’s little game and just called it for what it is. This would be good advice for other players or politicians who are on the wrong side of media bias. If you are always on the defensive you become an easy target.¬†When it comes to LeBron James vs Charles Barkley – this one was a “slam dunk.”

“He’s stupid. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.” –Lebron James reacting to criticism from Charles Barkley

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