Latest Presidential Election Poll Odds (10.27) Obama +3.2


Barack Obama + 3.2

Previous Poll Odds:


Barack Obama + 5.6


Barack Obama + 6.5


Barack Obama + 6.7

My election poll algorithms show the Presidential race is still up for grabs. John McCain has picked up a couple points since last week and has closed to within 3.2 points with just over a week to go.

Some recently discovered tapes of Barack Obama’s may have begun to do some damage as they show a frightening socialist world view, as well as more contradictions. To a smaller degree, the birth certificate controversy may have swung a few voters away from Obama. Despite this sounding like a conspiracy theory, Americans should not have to wonder if a candidate is an American citizen this late in the game. It leaves some citizens feeling disrespected.

This year’s election has the potential to make the polls even more inaccurate than ever. The media/ politically correct pressure to pick someone based solely on race has the potential to add several points into the McCain column, since a percentage of people may simply be saying what they think the pollsters want them to say. Voter turnout could shift it several points in either direction. Could the ACORN voter fraud mess still add substantial votes to Barack Obama?

To top it all off, this figures to be the wildest week of the whole election, with news breaking at a remarkable speed. Say a prayer for our Country.

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