Latest Media Darling – Saddam Hussein (The Butcher of Baghdad)

The latest media darling is none other than Saddam Hussein. The Butcher of Baghdad himself. It’s true. The story (make sure you hold your nose when you read that) showing up all over the liberal mainstream media is how he is nice to the American soldiers. He likes cheetos and Ronald Reagan (subliminal message translation: It was Reagan’s fault he abused his weapons priveleges). He is very clean. Well, a germophobe. I guess that is a natural paranoid reaction that comes from having a harmless little hobby of playing with chemicals… Harmless if you’re not the one being tortured or murdered with them. He even gives love advice to our soldiers. What a nice guy. I wonder if he gave love advice to the rapists he employed to rape victims in front of their families? Isn’t it nice what the American media does with their responsibility? Just when I thought I’d seen it all. They give hope to the enemy in a time of war.

So let’s sum it up. Saddam Hussein is nice to people in authority. He likes Ronald Reagan, raisin bran and cheetos. He is just a misunderstood guy. Very neat and clean. He gives thoughtful advice to his captors/friends and is very interested in the lives of others. I’m sure he likes holding hands and romantic walks on the beach as well. I just may use that story for my personals ad. It beats the hell out of mine. My own writeup makes me look like a badass next to the Butcher of Baghdad.

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