Larry Flynt: Jerry Falwell and I Became Good Friends

These were some interesting quotes from Larry Flynt after the death of the Reverend Jerry Falwell:

After meeting him in person, years after the trial, Jerry Falwell and I became good friends. He would visit me in California and we would debate together on college campuses. I always appreciated his sincerity even though I knew what he was selling and he knew what I was selling.

The famous lawsuit involved a ‘Hustler’ piece with a parody of an intoxicated Jerry Falwell having incest with his mother. While I’m all for free speech, it was, much like most of Flynt’s doings, beyond vulgar. It showed a complete lack of class and lack of conscience. I do give Flynt credit for showing some respect for Falwell and for admitting they had become friends.

It is interesting to note that while the majority of American people claim to be Christians, Falwell took a lot of heat over the years for actually believing what the Bible says.

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