Kosovo Prime Minister: Bush Street a Sign of National Respect and Appreciation for the United States

Kosovo’s cabinet has unanimously decided to name a central street of its capital Pristina after President Bush for his support of the territory’s split from Serbia. Bush Street will be linked to the main thoroughfare named after Mother Teresa. Not too shabby, Mr. Bush.

“A sign of the huge state and national respect and appreciation for the United States contribution to independence.” — Kosovo Prime Minister Hashim Thaci

You always hear about the disrespect and lack of appreciation around the world from the media. Things like this and the positive response from Iraq and the Iraqi reporters after the shoe throwing incident show there are a lot of people out there who do truly appreciate the United States of America. The media could report on such positive things all the time, but they choose to show the ungrateful people when it’s not a liberal President. 

The media has built the momentum that the United States is hated around the world. They glorified the shoe thrower more than they did the reporters who stood up for him. To portray that everybody would choose to be ruled by a vicious tyrant like Saddam Hussein rather than have freedom shows how far they will go with propaganda and also shows that a lot of people sadly buy into it. I am sure this will miraculously change and the media will show a loved America under Barack Obama. That is, if he does things their way.

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