Kirsten Gillibrand was the Best New York Could Hope for from David Paterson

Kirsten Gillibrand was as good a Senate pick as you could have hoped for from New York Governor David Patterson. Congresswoman Gillibrand has a one hundred percent rating from the National Rifle Association and she voted against bailing out the banks and insurance companies. That being said she is also endorsed by the liberal Chuck Schumer in addition to David Paterson, so I wouldn’t expect a lot out of her. The governor obviously thinks she will see things his way.

Ironically David Paterson did a worse job running the Senate selection process than Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich did. Paterson allowed Caroline Kennedy to embarrass herself in a big way and left Andrew Cuomo looking slighted as well. Much of that could have been avoided by letting Kennedy know she was not in the running and also by not dragging the selection process out like he did. The New York Governor was even accused of illegality during the process. Blago’s pick was made with apparent decisiveness despite all his BlagoGate problems. Makes you wonder.

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