Katie Couric Brings CBS News to Another All-Time Ratings Low

The liberal newscaster Katie Couric has brought CBS News to another all-time ratings low.  In fact, they have pulled the lowest ratings in Nielsen history. Brian Williams and NBC held the top spot amongst the 3 news networks. Williams is able to hide his liberal side a little better than Couric during the newscast, although he was caught bowing to Barack Obama during a recent interview. How liberal do you have to be to be left of that?

CBS continues to choose liberal ideology even over ratings, as Couric has been dragging the network news into historic lows for over 2 years. Even so, it still seems unlikely to me that she will make it till her contract runs out in 2011. Then again, when you look at the New York Times or MSNBC you can see the cause is more important than anything. Running cover for those like Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi is their duty.

Fox News continues to flourish, outdoing cable rivals CNN and MSNBC combined.  That’s the reward for giving 2 sides to the story. Meanwhile, CBS News and Katie Couric continue to swear allegiance to the liberal state.

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