Katie Couric and CBS Spin Web of Hypocrisy as Ratings Collapse Continues

Katie Couric’s ratings have been sliding ever since the over hyped first week she became an anchor. Now here come the excuses…

"I think a lot of that has to do with gender. I think she has to worry about a lot of things the male anchor doesn’t have to worry about, things like how she looks or what she is wearing."
— Sean McManus, CBS News and Sports President

Who has the problem here? They hired her because she’s a woman. Maybe if they hired an unbiased female they wouldn’t have to make excuses for why it hasn’t worked. It most likely would have worked. Get ready, because this is what they are going to say about Hillary Clinton. If you don’t like her it’s because she’s a women, not because she is a cold and calculated extremist liar.

I’m not going to watch Katie Couric because she’s color coordinated or because she has just the right amount of makeup on to cover up her liberalism. I’d watch her if I thought she and the news program were honest.

It’s amazing that the people who say they want equality will tell you they worry about makeup and outfits. What hypocrites. The ratings are already in the tank, so why be such hypocrites and play the game you claim to hate so much?

You’re already getting the liberal slice of the pie on these evening shows, so Katie could do without trying to add to it with those perfectly timed subtle facial expressions. The bias used to be somewhat subliminal. Now it’s so transparent where the political bend is to anyone who follows the news. A whole lot of people knew about Katie’s bias before she ever did her first news broadcast. She couldn’t even hide it on a fluff program like the ‘Today Show.’

The same people who cry about not getting the ratings because she is a woman are the ones who used that very fact to get all the publicity they could out of her becoming a female anchor. If women make up at least 50% of the population, just who is oppressing her? You’re not supposed to ask those kinds of questions.

It’s ironic that so many of the things that rabid liberals stand for are the very reasons why some women aren’t taken seriously. Not to mention I remember seeing her fawn over guys on the ‘Today Show’ who were young enough to be her grandkids, but we are supposed to take her seriously? I’d like to see her reaction if a guy did that sort of thing.

This is where "freedom of choice" comes in. You don’t have a right to be liked as a news anchor any more than the Dixie Chicks have a right to complain that they are having trouble selling out their concerts. People like Katie say this Country was founded on dissent, when it was actually dissent about the lack of freedom. Here’s to freedom and dissent!!

There are websites that have people giving the news who strip while they do the broadcast. Sadly, some actually do a better anchor job than Katie Couric. I’m not just saying that because they are more pleasant to look at. Yes, I watched it a couple times for research purposes, but I haven’t seen one of those broadcasts in about 4 years. The point is, most people don’t watch the news because of how the anchor looks. Some of these news sites like CNN and MSNBC have tried to go the more youthful news route to the 40 something group, and it hasn’t helped their ratings any. People generally watch those kinds of shows for the news. Preferably all the news, not just stories that push their ideologies.

I don’t know if it’s still true, but I’ve heard where people who are on juries read newspapers with various parts clipped out as to not influence them in their cases. The news these days is much like a newspaper that has bits and pieces cut out. At the least you need to go to page 20 to read what should be on page one. Since most people scan headlines and stories, this is where you need news people with integrity. Otherwise you can really paint a different picture from what is actually happening. It’s like having to read the fine print to get the important details. The way it is now, you get some facts and a steady stream of accusations and insinuations. When they are proven wrong, you get a tiny fraction of the time devoted to exonerating someone falsely accused. That’s if it’s even reported at all. You get a lot of anonymous sources who probably don’t even exist. Sometimes you get forged papers just before a Presidential election. Sometimes you get improperly “called” states during a Presidential election while people are still voting… How did we ever survive without network news?

Let’s not forget about the sensationalism. If you thought the Duke Lacrosse players were guilty of rape the first couple months after the story broke you were in the majority, even though the evidence strongly suggested otherwise early in the case. The media is judge and jury, and they try to influence the public into becoming their lynch mob… Sadly, some people are easily persuaded. For some it’s simply a matter of putting trust in the wrong people.

"The media may be losing some patience, but none of us at CBS are losing patience."
— Sean McManus, CBS News and Sports President

Anything for the "cause." If this weren’t a flaming liberal she would have been sacked within the first 2 months. Whether it’s an entertainer or someone in the media, the powers that be stick by liberals as long as humanly possible, even when they lose a bundle on them. It’s ideology first, profit second, and integrity nowhere to be found.

It was just a couple weeks ago Katie Couric was complaining about a briefing at the White House she was invited to:

"And yet, the meeting was a little disconcerting as well. As I was looking at my colleagues around the room — Charlie Gibson, George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams, Tim Russert, Bob Schieffer, Wolf Blitzer, and Brit Hume — I couldn’t help but notice, despite how far we’ve come, that I was still the only woman there." That meeting was a reality check for me—and not just about Iraq. It was a reminder that all of us still have an obligation to ask: Don’t more women deserve a place at the table too?

First of all, it is the elitist liberal media who is hiring the men to these positions. Isn’t it the liberals who claim to be for women, minorities, the poor and so on?… But I will defend them in as much as I don’t believe there are as many females who aspire to be news anchors as men. I just don’t believe they do. So I don’t know who you can blame for that. It’s hard to blame other’s for any occupation you "might" have been able to achieve if you had attempted it. It’s hard for a true liberal to accept, but men and women don’t always have the same interests and aspirations. Why aren’t there as many male nurses as female? If you have a pool that is 90% women and 10% men, should men make up 50% of the equation? Doesn’t seem so to me.

Katie didn’t have a problem accepting her position even though there were many women out there who were far more qualified. There are many women journalists and reporters. There are cable newscasters and most of your local news shows have female anchors as part of the team. The truth is Katie simply did not deserve to beat most of those people out. She got the job because she was something of a celebrity. Yet somehow she has the gall to point the finger at others.

Which of the men at that table does she feel should not be there? Who should step aside and let someone else in there? Why doesn’t she take the lead and step aside and let someone more deserving take her place? Not only that, but since her ratings are about as bad as they can be, she is lucky she was even invited. If people were invited based on performance, she would have been left out of the little inner circle altogether.

Out of those names she mentioned I see only one person who I wouldn’t consider to be a liberal. Where are the conservatives? Why aren’t they equally represented? There were obviously zero conservative women news people at the table. Where does it end? Was there an equal representation of short people and tall people? How about skinny and fat people? Was each ethnicity and religion equally represented? Again, who is doing the hiring? You got it, those who are running the liberal media. How can all this happen in such a liberal utopia? Katie can fool some people with her hypocrisy, but her low ratings are proof that she’s not fooling everybody.

I suspect at some point Katie will decide to move on to "other things." Possibly they will promote her for her poor performance, ala Howard Dean. One thing’s for sure, they will never admit the real reasons behind her failure.

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