Jacko’s not Whacko? What about the Media?

Could it be? Jacko’s not whacko? Well, I have no idea. He is still at least whacky. The thing that interests me about all this is the media. If you think that lynch mobs are a thing of the past you haven’t been paying attention. The media conducts the modern day lynchings. If you watch the pundits you likely believe in the guilt of anyone who is accused. You hear 90% of one side and maybe 10% of the other. I mean most people thought that Robert Blake was guilty. Not much positive reporting there. Of course there was O.J. The mean Martha Stewart and now Michael Jackson. Not to mention any political figure or issue that does not represent the far left wing.

Basically if you are either conservative, black, male or just plain successful and not a far left liberal, you must be guilty. I mean even our own Military is under a microscope for every little thing. That is because they represent President Bush. If they do anything that could be wrong it reflects on him. There are a lot of people in this country who think we are the bad guys. Murderers are the victims and victims had it coming. Unless of course you fall into the categories mentioned above. The distortions and insinuations are relentless.

Hopefully Jackson was innocent and the verdict was just. One good thing about it, the media eats crow again. They have done a lot of that lately. Between all the elections they were unable to sway and the sensational trials, they are looking pretty pathetic. No wonder network news ratings are in the crapper. With the help of the alternative media, including myself, they will stay there for a long time. That won’t stop them though. They will be trying to gently brainwash the simpletons as always. After all it does work. Just look at the crazy accusations and conspiracy theories we have to listen to from so many of these ignorant people.

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