It’s Official: Palestinians Choose Terrorism

Some of us have known this all along. The Palestinians do not choose peace with Israel. Now that they have elected terrorist Hamas, it is plain for anyone to see. This is more proof of the mistake to give up land to the Palestinians. Time to pull the plug on American aid to the Palestinians and mean it, not just try to get Hamas to say what the politicians want to hear. It should not be enough for murderers like this to simply claim to want peace. That will likely be their strategy.

Israeli Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz told the Israeli cabinet that Hamas was acting responsibly since the election. The election was last week! Talk about lowering the bar. These are killers we are dealing with, not 3 year old children. I can’t hardly believe it. Not only that, but they didn’t even make it a week. The Hamas leader is demanding Israel change their flag.

Then there’s Bill Clinton, who wants to understand and “talk to” the murderers. Clinton said “One of the politically correct things in American politics is we just don’t talk to some people that we don’t like, particularly if they ever killed anybody in a way that we hate.” What??? That is one of the most ludicrous and reprehensible things ever said. This from a former President of the United States. Republicans are evil for wanting to defend America and cut taxes, but terrorists who kill children need understanding. I can see how after 8 years of Clinton we are dealing with such threats and double talk. Ignore it and hope it goes away seemed to be his policy. It didn’t go away. It grew. How can any sane person continue to blame victims of violence committed by religious fanatics who believe it is their duty to murder and that they go to heaven for such acts? These beliefs have been in place long before any Jewish person alive today.

Where is Hillary on this? Maybe she is busy saving people from the plantation owning party of Abraham Lincoln. It seems liberals have decided that truth and common sense have no place in the democratic party. Not even when it comes to dealing with terrorists. Thank God Al Gore and John Kerry didn’t win either of the last two elections. Maybe it is too late for real peace, I don’t know. At least freedom loving people still have a fighting chance to win the peace.

Peace will only happen if Israel strikes hard at all terrorist threats before they pay an even bigger price than they already have. History shows time and time again that peace through strength is the only answer. With the weapons that are out there today, now is not the time to gamble. Is there any other logical way to deal with such depravity?

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