Is This How Hillary Clinton Helps Poor People?

How many poor people does 36 million dollars help out? That’s what Hillary blew on a campaign that even this New York Times article describes as containing only token opposition. Wait till you hear where the money went!

The New York Times article reveals that she bought more than $13,000 worth of flowers, spent $27,000 for valet parking and forked over $800 for just one month’s worth of credit card interest. Is this someone fiscally responsible enough to run the Country? Make sure you don’t waste any time reading the article, because these kinds of stories tend to have a short shelf life in the liberal media. I’m actually surprised it was even allowed to be published by the New York Times.

Maybe Hillary should have hired Oprah Winfrey as her campaign adviser. She could have showed her how to donate 30 million and get a billion dollars worth of positive publicity out of it. But then Hillary has always gotten the positive publicity for free. Why would we expect anything else from her? She can promise you the world with other people’s money, but look what she does with the money she gets her own hands on. I wonder what she would do if she didn’t have to account for certain expenses?

Hillary spent $17 million dollars on advertising. Why? Hillary got more free positive publicity from the media than her opponent was able to pay for. Did Hillary have an opponent? Do you remember the name? I don’t remember who it was. This is a country where anyone can become President? If you aren’t a media favorite you can’t possibly have enough money to even have a level playing field. That’s just for the Senate. Forget about becoming President.

Let’s see… There’s another $1.1 million to a longtime pollster/adviser. There’s $930,000 to a longtime communications strategist. There’s seems to be good money at being a “longtime” anything in the Clinton camp. Then there’s a consulting firm that got $200,000, but now we are getting into chump change. What could a poor person do with a measly $200,000?

This just seems like more of the same from another self serving politician. A whole lot more of the same. How many poor people could all that money have helped? She blows the whole wad and waits for the money to come rolling back in. She’s entitled because she is Hillary Clinton and you aren’t. How many people could have been helped with their health care woes? What an absolute waste. So much for campaign finance reform. What a joke that turned out to be.

This is the typical “liberal” way with these fat cats. They talk about how we need to do more for the poor or the environment, but they themselves live high off the hog and don’t practice what they preach. Do as they say and not as they do. The truth is they need poor people to win elections. They promise the world but never actually fix the problems. That’s why eight years of the Clintons didn’t produce the health care reform they have been talking about for the last 25+ years.

The only thing they can do for the poor is raise minimum wage 50 cents. Tell me, is someone raising a family on minimum wage no longer poor with a 50 cent raise? Of course after the raise, they’ll try to raise your taxes. They give someone 50 cents while at the same time they use the other hand to pick their pocket. It’s frustrating that some people are so easily conned. But Hillary Clinton thanks you for your support!


“Donors, like voters, increasingly expect candidates to exercise fiscal discipline.”
— Mark McKinnon – adviser to Senator John McCain

(note: what was McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform for other than to silence freedom of speech?)

“In a race that was virtually a shoe-in for Hillary, she somehow managed to outspend her opponent by a 7 – 1 margin. Too bad Hillary did not have the foresight to put her fundraising machine to a better use like raising more money for Congressional candidates that needed help rather than blowing a shameful 36 million on her shoe-in re-election campaign.”
— The liberal Democratic Daily

“We’re not in this business to make consultants rich. The wasting of money — it drives everybody crazy. She’d better get a handle on this if she is going to run for president.”
— A fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton who was granted anonymity(by the New York Times) in order to speak freely about the campaign.

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