Injustice is all that was Served in Latest O.J. Simpson Verdict

You won’t have O.J. Simpson to kick around anymore. But is justice done when decisions are based on who you are and not the crime itself? I mention a lot about selective enforcement. A slap on the wrist for someone and 15 years for someone else. Is this good for freedom and the judicial system when this is how judgement continues to be handed down?

O.J Simpson going to jail for 15 years for a bungled comedic attempt to steal what was basically his in the first place doesn’t seem like a system that works. If this had been done by a popular white Hollywood star they would have been dubbed a vigilante in a heroic sense. I doubt they would have been convicted, much less spent any real time in jail. When people can ignore an unjust decision because they don’t like someone, then the system is already broken. Then again, the O.J. trials have proven the system is broken right along.

Whether you think O.J. was guilty or innocent of murder, fair justice was never served. He was either guilty or innocent. To be found not guilty and then liable later on was a farce no matter which side you take in his innocence/guilt. To be found guilty and then to take his money to satisfy the lust for revenge doesn’t seem to serve justice. This latest verdict was more lynch mob mentality than anything.

There will never be justice until people expect verdicts that don’t show favoritism and selective enforcement. This will always be a racist society until we can look at the facts, instead of preconceived opinions of the person or their race. No matter what your belief about O.J. Simpson, fairness and justice was not served by this verdict. This was more a mockery of the system than a triumph of.

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