India’s 9/11

India almost seemed to stand alone as they sunk a Somali pirate mother ship last week. Now they face a brutal coordinated attack that may have left over a 100 innocent people dead. Is this attack connected? It’s almost unthinkable to believe otherwise. Either way, while Americans are celebrating Thanksgiving, this looks like India’s 9/11.

The media almost glamorized the Somali pirates like they were likable characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean. You don’t hear a lot of mention of them being Muslim Somali pirates. Just because all terrorists don’t always play well with each other doesn’t mean they still aren’t terrorists. Seems these things are only serious to some people if they happen to them.

Are the coordinated attacks of both the terrorist attacks in India and the Somali Pirates state sponsored? How can they not be? These aren’t just a few ragtag suicide bombers here. These are highly coordinated attacks that take a lot of money and a lot of planning. This was done with the help of a technological state, in my opinion.

People often suspect Iran and Syria when it comes to state sponsored terrorism, but isn’t it time to start thinking bigger than that? Isn’t it time for the leaders of freedom loving nations to stop being afraid to make a mistake and go on the offensive? What happened to the war on terror?

Terrorists are like cockroaches. One raid will not stop them. Giving them lawyers and releasing them will not turn them into freedom lovers. Fighting with one hand tied behind the back will not end the threat. When the realization that they are getting help from those with a high military capability occurs, maybe at least some leaders will recognize that the war on terror is a real war. Hopefully it will not take too many 9/11 type attacks to realize the unthinkable horrific potential of such murderers.

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