Honeybees to the Rescue!

honeybee terror fighter

The honeybee is about to become a big tool in the war on terror. These little guys can be trained in 10 minutes to detect bomb materials. What an incredible thing. They will assist the military as well as aid in airport security… There is one way they could make it even better. If they get the bees to sting the person carrying the bombs. This would be a real deterrent.

Terrorists might be brainwashed into believing murder/suicide is a great thing, but these killers are cowards by nature. I have never heard of a brave terrorist. They do two things – they ambush and they hide. That’s it. The thought of getting stung by a couple hundred bees would no doubt be one of the best deterrents you could find. That won’t happen though. We fight nice wars now. That’s why they drag on and why nobody is afraid of provoking us anymore. But you do have to love those bees!

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