Hollywood Update: You Can’t Say Clooney Without Saying Looney

George Clooney offered some more absurd comments at the Oscars. Trying to justify Hollywood’s unpopular political stances, he pointed to what he considered to be two historical accomplishments of the awards show.

“We’re the ones who talked about AIDS when it was just being whispered.” “This academy – this group of people – gave Hattie McDaniel an Oscar in 1939 when blacks were still sitting in the backs of theaters. I’m proud to be a part of this academy, proud to be part of this community, and proud to be out of touch.”

First of all, Gone With The Wind still ranks as the most popular movie of all time as adjusted for inflation. That’s not even adjusted for population! People were in love with the movie and the awards were “earned.” It wasn’t awarded because of sexual orientation or for taking a pro-terrorist/anti-Semitic stance. Giving awards or nominations based on sexual orientation is a joke. To give them to movies that portray terrorists in a favorable light is just sick.

What is the record of the ‘Academy’ for African-Americans since then? It’s not one to be proud of – not unless you want to add “racist” to the list of things you are proud to be called.

The other accomplishment Clooney mentioned was bringing up awareness of AIDS. I think people would have figured out on their own about an epidemic that was killing millions of people. Maybe they led the charge because it was more prevalent in Hollywood at the time than it was mainstream America. It was an epidemic in prisons, the gay community and then Hollywood. You don’t have to like that, but let’s be honest here. Nobody listened to the first two groups because they didn’t have the free airtime that the Hollywood elites have. I think the motives in regards to AIDS was more selfish than anything.

Why don’t you speak out on the epidemic of terrorism in the world instead of being sympathetic to it? Just more hypocrisy. Then there is Iraq. You want to save the Iraqi people from “freedom” and give them back to monsters like Saddam Hussein. That’s very kind of you. I wonder if you would have been so kind if you lived in the days of slavery?

Even if we could somehow justify giving Hollywood and the “Academy” credit for those two examples, you can’t be wrong all the time, can you? How often do you have to be on the wrong side and out of touch with Americans to realize you have a piss poor record?

It used to mean something to be nominated or win an Academy award. But this isn’t your parent’s Academy. The Academy/Hollywood Clooney tried to associate himself with back in 1939 was a Conservative, pro-American one. Not a liberal, cut America down propoganda factory that it has become. There was a time in Hollywood when they made pro-America films. Films that portrayed our military and troops in the favorable light that they deserved. Films people liked and went out to see.

What Clooney is trying to take credit for is something that was done by the kind of people that Clooney hates. And did giving an award to a black American end racism? A whole lot of bad things happened after that. Just what is it you want credit for? Here’s one for you George: The conservative party that you hate so much has actually done more than hand out an award. Can you say Abe Lincoln? Can you say abolish slavery? I knew that you couldn’t. I think the America that you seem so ashamed of has been on the right side of history more than a couple times. They have sacrificed more than movie attendance to be on the right side. Thank God your views are “out of touch.”

I really think Clooney is a troubled individual. He’s 44 going on 13. He seems to desperately need attention. I’m not talking about publicity. I’m talking about attention. Almost juvenile attention. Like a teenager who needs acceptance and does strange things to try to get it. He wants to be loved by the clique. Like many in Hollywood, he seems to thumb his nose at the “establishment” to get some adulation from his peers.

There’s been a lot of proof through the years that fame and fortune doesn’t always buy happiness. I think Clooney is an example of that. It’s amusing to me that he’s dated half the women in Hollywood, but can’t find one he likes. “Not that there’s anything wrong with it.” Maybe he should have been in ‘Brokeback Mountain.’ People might have “actually gone” to the theater to see that one.

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