Google Owned YouTube Censors Israel Public Relations Videos

The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Spokesperson’s Unit came up with a creative way to get it’s side out – posting videos on YouTube. With so much anti-Semitic propaganda out there, it seems like a good way for Israel to communicate it’s side to the world. Apparently Google doesn’t think so.

Google, who had no problem censoring information from the citizens of China, apparently feel Israel doesn’t have a right to put up what it wants to on Youtube. YouTube has taken down some of the most popular Israeli videos, including it’s most popular one.

We are saddened that YouTube has taken down some of our exclusive footage showing the IDF’s operational success in operation Cast Lead against Hamas extremists in the Gaza Strip. As the State of Israel again faces those who would see it destroyed, it is imperative that we in the IDF show the world the evil directed against us and our efforts to stop it. It is also worth noting that one of the videos removed had the highest number of hits (over 10,000) at the time of its removal. — The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Spokesperson’s Unit

The videos were meant to show Israel’s side of things – from humanitarian efforts to aerial strikes on terrorist targets. Youtube hosts far worse things as points out.

It is frightening that Google/YouTube would allow so much vile content on their sites, yet not see fit to allow Israel to put up it’s own videos to show it’s side. The public should be allowed to know what is going on over there, instead of hearing propoganda or seeing collateral damage and claims it is intentional. Shame on Google… Again.

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