Goodbye Pluto and Astrology

Pluto is no longer a planet. Not sure what it takes to get on that voting board, but the planet that was discovered in 1930 is gone. Astrologers say this does not affect astrology, but it does seem to throw a monkey wrench into that whole field…

The new guidelines for planets say that a planet needs to meet three rules:

    *It must orbit the Sun
    *It must be big enough for gravity to squash it into being roughly round
    *It must have cleared other things out of the way in its orbital neighborhood

Pluto apparently didn’t do a good enough job of cleaning house.

I know a few people who meet the criteria to be a planet. To be a dwarf planet, you only have to be round. I know quite a few people who could be dwarf planets. I think we should vote on the use of the word dwarf. I find the language to be very insensitive. What else can we vote on? Let’s have a few drinks and vote on whether gravity actually exists or whether the the temperature of the sun is high enough to be considered “roughly” hot…

Much of what I learned as a child about astronomy has turned out to be wrong. I think the real problem here is distinguishing between fact and theory. Science seems to embrace a lot of theory as facts these days. I should say some so called scientists, teachers and politicians… Man-made global warming is something that is being passed off as scientifically proven, but with so much conflicting information and debate surrounding it it’s definately only a theory. A theory that can never be proven.

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