Global Warming – Barack Obama Cherry Picking the Facts

Barack obama, in regards to global warming said: “The days of Washington dragging its heels are over. My administration will not deny facts – we will be guided by them.” Which facts will you use? The ones that hundreds of experts say support the theory of man made global warming or the ones that hundreds of experts say reveal that global warming is a myth?

I don’t want to make comparisons of Barack Obama to evil monsters throughout history, but when you consider only facts that support your view you are in line with the evil deceivers of history. Almost every murdering dictator throughout history used cherry picked facts to justify their actions. Some of those facts were probably true if you take them at face value and do not look at all the other facts. You can justify just about anything when you deal that way. Add that to Barack Obama issuing 5 executive orders in less than one week as President and there are some bad signs here.

Barack and the liberals are about to make enormous changes that the economy cannot handle under the cover of global warming. Some of the economic fallout will handicap the economy for years and people will look around and wonder why things won’t take off. I wonder how long after they make these changes that they will look out the window and see the snow and take credit for stopping global warming. That day is coming. They will suddenly learn how to read a thermometer and determine that humanity will not fry – thanks to them.

The climate has always been volatile, that is nothing new. What is farily new is that a hot spell in summer is global warming and a cold spell in winter is climate change. Heads they win, tails we lose. The only thing man can do to change weather patterns is engage in nuclear war. Worrying about changing the weather and spending lots of time and money there is dangerous to our national security. History is complete with evil people trying to kill others. History does not include man made global warming. Figure out what caused all the other times in history when there was major warming of the planet and rule those causes out in this case – before you make changes to our culture and way of life based on a flimsy theory.

Al Gore is scheduled to appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday to again testify on the ‘urgent need’ to fight global warming. This isn’t the first time Al has run into problems on his pollution causing traveling global warming circus because of cold weather. Funny how cold weather seems to cause so many more problems for people than hot weather. I pray for global warming. You can feed more people by growing crops in dirt than you can snow.

Obama and his fellow liberal global warming hallucinators want to put even stricter car emission laws in place. This not only means more expensive cars, but also more expensive inspections and inspection nightmares. If you or someone you know has had a car fail an emissions test and the mechanics could not figure out why, you know what an incredible nightmare that can be. This can happen on newer cars so nobody is immune, except politicians. Even if they are able to identify the problem it can be an enormous expense that hurts the poor, not the rich. Time, money and the nightmare of having to work around the schedules of busy mechanics is not fun. All because of what is often neglibale emission problems and things that do not affect the cars operation. That will get worse. It is a money grab for the politicians and a nightmare for consumers. It can even be a nightmare for mechanics, since inspections are not usually their bread and butter.

China and others will love these economy shaking “factual” global warming decisions. Our economic woes are their gain. Their pollution is far more damaging to the environment than ours, yet they will get a pass on it. Regardless of what is said, they will get the pass. They have gotten a pass on their human rights abuses. Besides, it is only news if it is reported. If we can’t keep track of who is working on nuclear weapons, how are we going to monitor the emissions of countless thousands of factories in China? What would we do about it anyway?

So Obama will address global warming and rule by the facts. You know the old saying “statistics lie and liars use statistics.” To make life altering decisions based on an issue with so much conflicting evidence is frightening. What if the planet is actually cooling? If these decisions do what they are intended to do they would actually speed up the cooling process and have devastating effects. Again, snow is bad for crops.

What other decisions will Mr. Obama make based on selective facts? How long will he be able to make bad decisions and still be able to blame George Bush for the economy? No doubt with all the fear mongering and lowering of expectations going on that Obama and the media will blame him for a long time. Somehow the liberal majority got a pass for their part in the economic mess during the Bush Administration. Now they run “everything” and they are in the process of taking over “everything” under the guise of government saving the day – based on their facts, of course.

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