Get Ready for the Political Opportunists to Take Advantage of Virginia Tech Massacre

Just like the Imus fiasco, the political opportunists will be out to take advantage of the terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech and use it to advance their own agendas. They will blame everything from the right to bear arms to President Bush. They will call for even more laws that will wind up infringing on your rights and doing more harm than good.

If you were stuck in the group of people being butchered wouldn’t you have liked for a law abiding citizen to have had a handgun? Police have guns. What kind of society would it be if they didn’t? So many lives would have been saved. Such things also act as a deterrent to people like this. The only thing that stops some criminals is the fear of running into someone who will fight back. Look at what happens in a disaster like Hurricane Katrina. The criminals pull out guns and wreak havoc. Do you remember that? They will always find a way to get a weapon. This is 2007. People can make guns. Criminals will buy and sell them just like they do drugs.

Banning guns would not have changed anything that happened at Virginia Tech. I suppose a gun was better than a well placed bomb. Imagine what could have been done with a bomb or two in a college with over 25,000 students. If anything it should cause a stronger commitment to fighting terrorism, as this could have easily been carried out by a terrorist. Instead, the vultures who feed on taking away your rights will take full advantage of the pain and suffering and convince some they are trying to solve the problem, when in fact they are simply trying to elevate themselves. Some people care more about the rights of terrorists than the rights of decent citizens.

I remember in a gun control argument Archie Bunker saying to Meathead, “would you rather they was pushed out of windows?” It was a very funny line, but it really was very profound. People have always found a way to kill other people. Now, in the age of terrorism, there are more effective ways of carrying out mass murder. An alert and armed citizen could potentially save thousands from such killers.

Look at what happens in China. Despite over a billion people they are terribly oppressed. Thrown in prison for having their own opinions. It is slowly getting to that point here. When nobody is allowed a gun, the criminals and politicians will have total control. In many instances the criminals and politicians are one in the same. Every time something happens, a do-gooder politician will pass another pile of laws. That is one of the biggest dangers to freedom right now. New laws streaming in and old laws staying on the books. What happens is selective enforcement. Some get arrested and some don’t. Some people get off with a slap on the wrist and others do hard time for a lesser offense…

The Imus lynching was proof of that. Even if you think someone doesn’t have a right to free speech, shouldn’t they go after the worst offenders first? Therein lies the hypocrisy. Bill Maher and Rosie still have jobs despite their anti-American and anti-Christian comments. Rosie the waste product with her accusations of a 9/11 conspiracy and “terrorist are parents too” comments. Nice parents who blow up their own children. What about the degradation of women on a daily basis by Howard Stern? How much money has he made from his right to free speech?

What about some of these rappers and hip hop artists? Some of their songs are so vulgar it’s sickening when you consider a large portion of the people listening to this stuff is kids. How many kids were watching 66 year old Imus? Speaking of kids, Leslie Moonves fired Imus under the guise of cleaning up the airwaves. This is the guy who was in charge of MTV. Do you know what is on MTV? If you have kids that you care about you better watch it. Not just the videos, some of their kids shows. You won’t even believe it. It’s kiddie porn. Talk about sick hypocrisy.

Funny thing about Imus is that he was a liberal. Had he been a conservative that’s all you would have heard. Imagine if it was Limbaugh or Hannity. I guess he fit the stereotype of a republican so that was close enough to throw him to the wolves. Ironically, some of his accusers have said far worse things.

The same people who tell you abortion should be legal because a woman will take a coat hanger to herself and rip out a baby will tell you that a criminal won’t buy a gun off the street. Most of the political people and Hollywood/entertainment big shots who want to outlaw weapons have their own security who are armed for their protection. That won’t change. They are entitled to protection. You aren’t. It’s the same way they can fly jets everyday, but you should drive your car less to save the planet from global warming. You put them in power, but they are better than you. You are a pissant to them.


note: The mayor of Nagasaki, Japan was shot to death today, despite the strictest of gun laws there.

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