George Strait Grammy Win Long Overdue

Congratulations to George Strait on his long overdue Grammy Award, winning Best Country Album Award for “Troubadour.” I’m not sure if it is cause for celebration for the King of Country music, given the Grammy’s poor track record for giving out awards.

How does George Strait win his first award after nearly 30 years of astounding success in the music business? George Strait has amassed 56 number one singles – more than anyone in any genre ever. He has sold more than 67 million records and is at the top of any legitimate list of all-time performers, not only in Country music, but overall.

There are not many award shows that are worth much these days. They are a good showcase to see many of the top stars out there, but not a good barometer of who the people think are the very best performers. The humble George Strait is probably not nearly as insulted by the ridiculous slights the music legend has received as his fans are. He has always been low on hype and high on class, which basically goes against the grain of what most of these award shows like to reward.

The Grammy Awards finally recognizing George Strait is almost self-serving. They have no doubt gone out of their way to ignore him, but when all is said and done there could be no legitimacy to the show by shunning the entire career of King George. When it comes to music, whether you are a fan of County music or not, the top 3 all-time may well be Elvis Presley, The Beatles and George Strait. And George Strait is still going strong.

George Strait Live Performance of I Saw God Today:

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