George Michael in Crisis

I just read where George Michael has become fat and sloppy and an ice cream junky. I think this *story caught my eye in part because of the America bashing that Michael has done. I think the big thing is because there are so many people who have no clue about what it is like to fall on hard times. To have everything come tumbling down on you for no apparent good reason.

I mean here is a guy who had fame. He had fortune. He had women throwing themselves at him. Well, I think he at least liked the fame and fortune part. He has to gorge on ice cream to ease his miserable life? I don’t know. I just don’t get it. It does go to show that being a singer or actor does not require brains of any kind. People out there like George Clooney, the Dixie Chicks or Michael Jackson… Talent and brains are two distinctly different qualities. George Michael could use his success to help a lot of people. So put down the ice cream, George!


*storynews story was removed by earthlink – original link was:

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