George Clooney: Proud to be a Traitor

Some people are proud to be Americans. George Clooney is proud to be a traitor. He relishes in the label that so many patriotic Americans have branded him with. He says he got the label because he asks questions.

A lot of people ask questions and aren’t branded as traitors. George, you are branded as a traitor because you consistently come down on the side of the enemies of America. Enemies who “relish” in murdering innocent men, women and children. Not to mention the elderly, crippled and handicapped. The easier the target the better. Clooney seems to think murderers of Americans are the victims.

When all else fails it’s back to blaming it on “big oil.” It is interesting that people like Clooney and Barbara Streisand have no problem guzzling America’s resources. It’s the common man and women who are to blame for America’s dependency on oil. And of course those damn Republicans. Never mind the fact they don’t want America drilling for their own oil. Oh the hypocrisy. Hollywood liberal hypocrisy. They are entitled to their own luxurious lifestyle, but the rest of us should conserve.

Isn’t it strange that Clooney is always in the running for those hollywood awards? He’s had an awful lot of flops. Well publicized movies that consistently tank at the box office. It’s really not so surprising. He’s part of the new casting couch in hollywood. It’s not just who you know and who you blow. It’s the political casting couch. Take an Anti-American stance and you will win awards and continue to be hired to make movies that lose money.

I mean look at rubbish like Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911. According the the “awards” people it was the equivalent of the Passion of the Christ. This past year the gay Brokeback Cowboy movie got far more attention than The Chronicles of Narnia. These examples despite the fact that we the people spoke at the box office and voted heavily in favor of the Passion of the Christ and The Chronicles of Narnia. 75% of the population wouldn’t be caught dead at the Brokeback cowboy movie and probably 50% wouldn’t be caught dead at any Michael Moore home video. But Americans don’t matter to the hollywood people. They got rich off of us and now they are going to use what’s left of their riches to brow beat us with their political agendas.

Let’s face it, Clooney is not too bright. He memorizes a few of the liberal talking points and tries to convince people how wise he is. He is basically the male version of a dumb blond. The male version of Jessica Simpson. The difference is that Jessica Simpson pretends to be a dumb blond. Clooney pretends to be intelligent.

He also has the maturity of a school boy. Let’s not forget his humiliating a family while taking a political shot at the golden globe awards. He was offended by the backlash for his various traitorist views, but now he claims to like it. I’m surprised his comeback isn’t “I know you are but what am I.” Instead he’s going with “I like to be called a traitor.” Now if only he would pick up his marbles and go home. But that may be his problem. He is missing quite a few marbles.


George Clooney referring to his ‘Syriana’ propoganda film:

“They [the terrorists] are, in a way, the most sympathetic, but I think that’s important. Because if you are going to fight a war on terror, which is not a state that you can go and bomb, then you need to understand what it is that creates the people who would do such horrible things, rather then just saying – labeling them as evildoers.” Page Six–NY Daily News 1-7-06

Food For Thought:

We can’t figure out what causes all the murderers, rapists, child abusers and pedophiles in this country. But we are going to figure out what causes a terrorist to be a terrorist and then make nice with them. Ya think maybe it is because many of them are taught that from birth? You think maybe it’s because they hate everyone who is not just like them? You think maybe it’s because their version of their religion promotes and rewards it? George Clooney isn’t helping the problem by justifying their horrific actions. He is encouraging the killers.

Should we empty out the prisons in this country? Just be nice to the prisoners and pat them on the back and they will be nice to us. After all, victims need to take responsibility. If it weren’t for victims there wouldn’t be any crime. Reminds me of an old twilight zone episode. If I remember it right, aliens landed on earth and were here “to serve humanity”. They even had a book with that name. The people bought into it just like good liberals would. Then someone looked in the book and found out it was a cookbook! Liberals seem more than willing to serve up humanity on a silver platter.

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