Gay Day a Counterproductive Effort

Today was call in gay day. The purpose was to protest the passing of proposition 8 in California, which changed California’s Constitution to restrict the definition of marriage to a union between a man and a woman.

Who are they protesting? It wasn’t their employers who passed proposition 8. It wasn’t even the politicians. It was the people. It was an overwhelming vote of the people.

So what happens when you plan a day to call off from work for being gay? Straight people who might have otherwise stayed home for any number of reasons go to work. Do you want to be a straight person who stays home on gay day? Most don’t.

Trying to intimidate employers or hurt the economy doesn’t seem like the proper reaction for losing out on a democratic vote. Do you want to get into a numbers game where the 95% of of the population who isn’t gay has a call off straight day? It’s ridiculous, but if you try to take away a fair vote from the people, that kind of thing would then be a legitimate protest.

The straight people who weren’t aware of the gay day are in for a surprise tomorrow. I guess somebody should have told you. Lol. But seriously, trying to hurt people over a fair and legitimate vote seems like the wrong kind of protest. This wasn’t ACORN voter fraud, was it? The issue is clear and so was the vote. It should be easier for people to decide on an issue like that than it is to decide whether a politician is trustworthy.

I honestly do not know why someone who was gay would want to join the Christian institution of marriage in the first place. It has always stood for the union of a man and a woman. I wouldn’t want to force anyone to allow me to join a gay club or a women’s basketball team. You can have your own union and call it whatever you like. That’s real freedom. Why protest over joining something you don’t even believe in, unless you are attacking the institution?

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