Fox News and MSNBC Election Debate Analysis a Joke

We live in a world where you can’t discuss issues and facts in regards to Barack Obama or else you are considered racist. I watched a little of the pre-debate coverage on MSNBC and then a little post-debate coverage on Fox News. I wasn’t impressed with either, to say the least.

These guys at MSNBC say the only way Obama can lose the election is if people are racist. Chris Mathews and Keith Olbermann are the news version of professional wrestling. The only difference is that most wrestlers will tell you it’s entertainment. The MSNBC guys have the script written up ahead of time. Before the debate or anything political they are prepared to tell you something happened even if it doesn’t. They are as partisan as anybody in the news has ever been. They wouldn’t say McCain won a debate with Barack Obama no matter what happened.

I expected more from the folks at Fox News, but didn’t get much more analysis out of them. All you get is that Obama has to screw up to lose. I don’t know how many times I have heard that in the last month. I guess if it’s close at all Affirmative Action gives it to Barack Obama. Whatever happened to the facts? Do we vote based on who is the smoothest? As long as you don’t get flustered when you get caught in a lie then you won the exchange? God help us all if we have become that superficial. God help us if we vote for someone to cleanse the country for it’s past sins by voting for someone solely because they are black. There are so many qualified people who are minorities – why should we settle for someone who’s character is so much in question?

Barack Obama chose to associate with William Ayers and ACORN. With Antoin Tony Rezko and Jeremiah Wright. If you put together all the questionable associations of all the Presidents in our history, it wouldn’t equal the corrupt friends of Barack Obama. That has nothing to do with racism. It is about trust and character. In this case the lack of it. If it weren’t for the media’s incompetence, these facts would not be so slow coming out. Everything is about who won. Who won? Who looked better? What do the plants, who claim to be undecided, say after the debate?… What about the damn facts?

I singled out Fox News and MSNBC because I caught some of the coverage. Obviously this kind of superficial coverage is not exclusive to those networks. It is amazing how many so called analysts are so afraid to be called racist and are so afraid to be wrong. If the polls say something they have to agree. Is there any analysis in that? They almost always have to pick the favorite. Be a man/ woman and say what you think, not what you think you are supposed to say. Fair weather reporting is all this is. Bandwagon jumping and lack of courage…

I know what the fake journalists at MSNBC like to try to do. They try to influence opinion. They believe there are enough suckers out there who can be told who to vote for. People who can’t think for themselves. They quote the polls that don’t include likely voters and don’t include an equal number of republicans vs democrats. That is an effort to influence and nothing more. If John McCain and Barack Obama’s personalities were reversed they would say McCain was too passive and Obama showed strong command. Instead they say Obama is calm and McCain is hostile. Ugh.

The rest of the news analysts who don’t try to influence with polls bow to the polls. This again, at the expense of the facts. Never mind the fact that polls are very inaccurate. That’s why they take them every day and why they change almost every day. Most people don’t change their minds that often, even in the year 2008. Polls are not accurate. So why are they in the news every day? Where is the news? Sean Hannity says jouralism is dead in the year 2008. Maybe before this year it was just in a coma.

I have never been a fan of John McCain. That being said, there is such a stark difference in policies and character that I cannot bring myself to vote for Barack Obama. Guilt for the sins of people who walked the earth long before I did is not enough to vote for someone who has aligned themselves with enemies of America.

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