Final Presidential Election Poll Numbers and Observations

Not the numbers I was hoping to report, but the final odds have Barack Obama +7.3. The real clear politics numbers that everyone uses has it listed as Barack Obama +7.5 as of this posting. My numbers were much closer to theirs than I was expecting, given that I had it closer in the other figures I came up with. That being said, I don’t think anyone knows how this is gonna turn out. If it hits 7.5 percent for Obama it would be more coincidence than probability, given these polls fluctuate wildly from day to day without any apparent reason. They have been wrong so many times…

Many of the crucial states are much closer than the national averages, so the possibility exists of a popular majority for Obama losing out to an electoral college victory for John McCain. The only way that will happen is for a better turnout for John McCain than Obama and the majority of undecideds breaking his way as well. That really is the purpose of the poll manipulations that go on with the media and the pollsters – to discourage the Conservative vote. It has been the same way in the past several elections. They try to make it a self fulfilling prophecy. Unfortunately, we live in a country where people want to be seen as backing a winner, whether it be a sports team or presidential candidate. I think it’s a sad but true observation that about 25% of the population are more like sheep than people. The mainstream media targets that group relentlessly, for in a close election they can make all the difference.

The election isn’t about who wins and loses, it’s about having a safe and prosperous nation. If you are willing to ignore all the signs – then I say it is between you and God. I do not pretend to know what utter lazy ignorance is in the eyes of God, but it seems to me the God of the Bible frowns on it. Living in ignorant bliss appears to be a form of early death to me, but again, that is just my own observation. If you vote for who you truly believe deep down will be the best person to secure a safe and prosperous nation then you have done all you can do. If there is a just God in heaven then you have done your part. If you vote for someone based on how smooth a character they are or how they look and you are willing to gamble the future of your loved ones and country, then you risk an awful lot.

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