Evander Holyfield Nearly Takes the Heavyweight Title at Age 46

Evander Holyfield Battles Nikolai Valuev

Evander Holyfield Battles Nikolai Valuev

Evander Holyfield nearly became the oldest heavyweight boxing champion, losing a very close battle with the 7 foot Russian champion Nikolai Valuev. Some would say he was robbed again. One judge had it a draw and another had it a 1 point contest.

Evander ‘The Real Deal’ Holyfield vows to keep after his quest for another title. George Foreman became champion at 45 beating the 26 year old Michael Moorer. Foreman has contemplated a comeback into his late 50’s, but that was basically squashed by his wife. I saw it on Family Foreman. Ha ha. I’d love to see him slug it out with the 7 foot Russian!

Evander Holyfield has lost a number of tough close fights over the past decade, but has probably been the only guy who has consistently been a true contender throughout that time. He has certainly been the only consistent draw out there. Holyfield now sports a 42-10 record. Nikolai Valuev has an impressive record of 50-1, although he hasn’t fought nearly the caliber of opponents as Holyfield.

Evander Holyfield/Nikolai Valuev Fight Quotes:

“He was a strong opponent and he made me work very hard for the win. It was a challenging fight, it was a hard fight, he was unbelievably fast with his punches. I am proud to have fought him, it was a fast paced fight.” — Heavyweight Champ Nikolai Valuev

“We didn’t fail. We won that fight here. As far as I am concerned, we won and anyone who knows me knows I call a spade a spade.” — Thomas Brooks, Evander Holyfield’s coach

“I don’t doubt myself, people doubt me, but I have a history of proving people wrong… I can still do it. I put in a good performance and it will be better if I fight him again. I thought I had won the fight, I thought I had won more rounds than he did. Now I will just have to go home, rest and think about my future. My goal is to be heavyweight champion of the world, I am not interested in fighting for the sake of fighting, I want to be a champion again.” — Evander Holyfield

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