Eliot Spitzer Quote: It Sucks. I Used to be Governor of New York

The irony of it all is that Eliot Spitzer’s new employer held it’s seasonal drinks party at a former massage parlor turned bar. Spitzer, the disgraced former Governor of New York is now writing a column for the online magazine Slate. Spitzer’s quote couldn’t have come at a more fitting setting.

It appears Eliot Spitzer is still hoping for a return to the spotlight. Given Barack Obama becoming President despite a host of seedy connections, it doesn’t seem a stretch that Spitzer would be at least welcomed back by liberals. His main drawback is his hypocrisy. To go after others for the same thing he was doing is tough to forget. He was Mr. perfect while being unforgiving to others. Yet, he got away with his crimes and has slithered back a little bit here already.

“It sucks. I used to be governor of New York.” — Eliot Spitzer when asked how he was enjoying life as a columnist.

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