Election 2006 Lesson #4: Expose the Hypocrisy of the Extreme Left Instead of Playing Defense

When the Republicans find out there’s a pervert or racist in the party they clean house, sometimes even before all the facts come out. When the liberals get one they usually defend their actions. So why is it the liberals are the first to point at the other side? Simply because they get away with it. Think about Senator Robert Byrd’s racist Ku Klux Klan history and the fact that it was Abraham Lincoln and the Republicans who ended slavery. How much more hypocrisy do you need since it’s always the Republican party who is trashed when it comes to the subject of race? What have the liberals done other than point the finger and use the issue to their advantage? Again, they have been allowed to get away with it. Republicans go on defense while the liberals constantly attack, often when they are the most guilty.

How many times have the liberals used social security as an issue against conservatives? When President Bush tried to make progress on it the dems said there was no hurry. Then election time rolls around and suddenly it is an issue again. Instead of showing the hypocrisy, Republican candidates go on the defense yet again.
A republican administration spying on terrorists is used as a scare tactic on the uninformed. This is more proof that many liberals are only concerned with political gain and the actual weakening of the Country. The truth is we lost our privacy long ago. Bank cards, supermarket cards, ez pass, e-mail, surfing the internet, phone records and more are being logged… What privacy do you expect to lose by allowing surveillance of terrorists? It is common practice for police to spy on citizens suspected of drug dealing, bookmaking and various other activities. Should terrorists be given a pass? Explain why. This hypocrisy should be brought up whenever the subject of spying on terrorists or any kind of national defense issue comes up. These guys are not credible whatsoever when it comes to national security or the privacy of American citizens.

These are a few examples of the hypocrisy which just doesn’t adequately get brought up during the election campaigns. There are so many false accusations being defended against, the relevant facts of who is better able to serve the people wind up taking a backseat. The politicians who are falsely being smeared need to stick to these things and hammer them home until people get it. The liberals hammer home misinformation until it becomes accepted as fact, so the actual facts should be driven home until people don’t forget.

The hypocrisy of their political opponents and the party in general should be printed on all campaign material. Forget about the boring bios that nobody reads anyway. Sadly, being right and sincere often just isn’t enough to win elections since most people aren’t going to spend the time to research those facts, which means most won’t find out until it’s too late. They aren’t going to find out unless the few decent politicians out there stop defending themselves from false attacks and start playing some offense and showing the continual hypocrisy of the extreme left.

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