Election 2006 Lesson #2: Don’t Throw People Under the Bus

If you are sticking by your convictions (another lesson to come) you don’t throw people under the bus. Take Donald Rumsfeld for example. You show weakness when you allow others to force your hand. If President Bush thought it was time for a change he should not have done it one day after the election. That’s like making a scapegoat out of Rumsfeld. If this move would have been beneficial to the party it should have been done some time ago. To do it the day after an election is inept. This is a double loser here. Rumsfeld was appointed by President Bush. We did not elect a new President this week.

Not the way you want to start off after a tough loss. This is like firing the offensive coordinator because the defensive coordinator screws up. Rumsfeld was a pawn in the whole Iraq debate. Whoever was in there was going to be demonized by the press and by liberals. They have already gone after Rumsfeld’s replacement.

Character assassination is an ongoing strategy of liberals. Rumsfeld was especially disliked because he didn’t take any crap from the media. Regardless of what you think of Rumsfeld, handling it this way is not the way to make decent people want to run out and vote for a political party. The truth is, only a handful of people actually have enough information to determine whether Rumsfeld did an adequate job or not. How is the average Joe supposed to know? If we knew too much about individual decisions, then the enemy would know as well.

This is all about putting politics ahead of national security. The only thing we really have to go on when it comes to Iraq is viewing it from a historical standpoint. If you do that, it reveals that this war is a huge success. Look at wars that were won where we suffered enormous losses in one battle. If you don’t put things in perspective you wind up with opinions that are not supported by the facts. Perception is pretty much reality.

Obviously when it comes to loyalty it is a different story if you have a pervert in the party like a Mark Foley. Foley’s former seat, by the way, was taken by a democrat. But to allow relentless attacks from the media and from your political opponents to cause you to make decisions you would not otherwise make is not the kind of thing that Conservatives stand for. You don’t see this kind of thing from the Democrat party too often. They usually rally behind someone when it comes to any kind of illegal or immoral behavior. The only unforgivable crime in that party is to agree with a Conservative.

Sacrificing your own for political gain never works anyway. It convinces the liberals that attacking and demonizing one person to get to another works, thus bringing on even more of the same. When they can’t get who they want they go after someone like Rumsfeld. In the eyes of liberals and the media, this will be a confession that President Bush screwed up in Iraq. What it turns out to be is a President who unfortunately abandoned principle to try to get in the good graces of the wrong people. Again, this is another lesson I’ll be covering. Throwing someone under the bus because you can’t take the heat isn’t much different than governing by poll numbers.

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