Election 2006 Lesson #1: It’s Not Your Duty to Vote – It’s Your Duty to be Informed If You Vote

This is like waking up with a hangover trying to put the pieces together of what you did last night. I did that? So many people really don’t know what the liberal party stands for. Is there really over 50% of the population who wants higher taxes and sympathy for murderers, rapists and torturers? Do people really want to live their lives running and hiding from their enemies?

How soon we forget. Not only have so many forgotten 9/11, but they have forgotten where the few thousand dollars a year extra in their paychecks or tax refunds came from. They’ve forgotten high unemployment and inflation. They’ve forgotten what liberals can do to businesses. They’ve forgotten the Bill Clinton internet bubble bursting.

People need to pay closer attention to what candidates actually say and do on a regular basis and not just a few of the sound bytes that make the evening news. Sadly, innocent people often have to suffer from what others did last night.


More Election 2006 lessons to come. Not necessarily in order of importance. However, they will be the main lessons or reasons Republicans and Americans in general blew an election. I’ll also cover some of the winners and the positive parts of the election. There actually were some very positive things for real Americans. You might be surprised. Stay tuned…

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