Crazy Shoe Throwing Iraqi Journalist Has Broken Arm and Ribs

Shoe tosser Muntazer al-Zaidi  was roughed up by Iraqi security forces according to his brother. No word on whether the Secret Service for President Bush was asleep or not. Watch the expression on President Bush’s face during the incident. That grin is priceless.

I guess not all over there in Iraq hate President Bush from the reaction of many of the other journalists and from the Iraqi security forces. We are led to believe that everyone over there misses the murderer/torturer/rapist Saddam Hussein. I have my doubts about that.

A Lebanese television channel known for it’s hatred of the United States offered the shoe thrower a job with pay retroactive to the tossing of the shoes. No word on whether the New York Times has upped the offer.

This just goes to show that making a profit and providing the best service possible is of low priority in the media. Not only in the United States, but other places as well. This shoe thrower is possibly off his rocker, yet because he shows disrespect for an American President he is offered a job no questions asked.

“Islamically speaking, that is not an acceptable behavior. If you have some disagreement, there are other ways of showing your displeasure – not throwing shoes or trying to hurt somebody.” — Habeeb Ahmed, president of the Islamic Center of Long Island comment.

The throwing of a shoe is known as the ultimate disrespect among Muslims. Perhaps because they don’t wash their feet very often, but I don’t know for certain. Not sure what the President of the United States of America grinning during the shoe throwing and making jokes about it afterwards is considered.

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