Conservative Candidate Doug Hoffman No Longer Concedes

Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Candidate in the 23rd New York Congressional District no longer concedes defeat in the close election vs Democrat Bill Owens. When asked by Fox News host Glenn Beck if he would “unconcede,” Hoffman said: “If that is possible, yes.”

Hoffman is now down by about 3,000 votes after his vote totals were apparently somehow misreported. That leaves over 10,000 absentee ballots to decide the race.

Ironically, fresh on the heals of all the Acorn voter fraud shenanigans, the election of Democrat Bill Owens helped secure the controversial health care legislation victory.

With the Acorn corruption and all theĀ  improbable adding of vote counts in close elections such as Al Franken’s, no close loss of a conservative candidate should be accepted without serious inquiries. Recent close losses have completely tilted political power and drastically changed the landscape of the United States. You can see from the economy and all the military problems that it was not for the better.

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