Congress Hypocrites Have Nerve to Lecture Automakers Over Corporate Jets

These hypocrites in Congress have no shame. Lecturing the executives of the “big 3” automakers over traveling in corporate jets on their way to ask for a bailout? Sure, it wasn’t a smart thing to do traveling there like that. Then again, did anyone really think they would do otherwise? Did anybody think they were gonna show up on mopeds?

Members of Congress have no problem being wasteful in their travels all the while lecturing Americans on how to not burn fuel because we are supposedly heating up the planet. Remember when Barack Obama pointed out in the debates that the wasteful earmarks were just a small part of the money spent by the government? I would say the automaker executives spent a fraction of their company budget traveling to visit the Congressional hypocrites. Yet somehow the two-faced politicians have succeeded yet again of taking the light off of themselves and shining into someone else.

I don’t know if it is a good idea or not to bailout the automakers. I just see amazing hypocrisy in it all. If we will bail out the biggest thieves around such as the banks and insurance companies, how do you justify turning your backs on companies that made America great? I think I would prefer helping someone who held on to a failing business model too long over someone who gambles with the money they obtained from Americans, much of it in dishonorable ways.

Our politicians have been fleecing us for so long. Instead of finding out the facts of where the money is going to go, they prefer to ambush in order to score cheap political points. As usual, they score their biggest points in the hypocrisy department.

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