Colin Powell and Oprah Winfrey Political Hypocrisy Stoke the Flames of Racism

It’s funny how people like Colin Powell and Oprah will shun their own gender or their own party and vote for someone on the basis of race. In Powell’s case he not only shuns his own party, but endorses the most liberal senator we have. In Oprah’s case she shuns her own gender and instead votes race.

If a white person voted for someone because they thought a white person would be better they would most likely be considered a racist. You aren’t going to tell me that it’s not the same when Oprah and Colin Powell do the same thing. I always knew that Oprah and Powell were liberals, that is no great surprise to me. I was a little surprised that they would vote based on race, especially when it is a big break from either their supposed views or in Oprah’s case, the women who made her what she is today.

Oprah liked Hillary Clinton and obviously there isn’t very much difference in Hillary Clinton’s policies and Barack obama’s. There has never been a woman president – there have been plenty of men. Yet Oprah stepped onto the political stage because she felt that it was critical we have Obama over Hillary. Strange indeed. Also strange that Hillary said she would not invite Sarah Palin on her show before the election. Between those things and the sexist comments and hatred that have been directed towards Sarah Palin in general in this election, it is obvious we have a long way to go when it comes to women being given equal footing to men.

Colin Powell was always someone who tried to hide his political positions while riding the coattails of the republican party. So here he decides to choose a liberal who has already been involved in more scandals than any President in history, and he’s not even been elected yet. Obama’s shady Ayers, ACORN, Jeremiah Wright, and Antoin Tony Rezko associations do not trouble him and he feels that McCain shouldn’t make it an issue.

The former Secretary of State said it is ok, even if Obama is a Muslim and cites the contributions of millions of Muslim citizens to American society. Obviously, the fact that Obama would lie about it should be an issue for any American. The fact that he attended a so called Christian church that was filled with racist anti-American hate should be just as big a concern.

Powell’s comments are full of hypocrisy. He says he doesn’t want the same old things, like conservative Supreme Court Picks, yet says McCain is bringing the party in the wrong direction. He is saying it is the same direction and then says it is bringing the party into a different direction. He apparently is not looking out for the little guy considering some of the awful decisions handed down by the liberals on the Supreme Court.

Powell says Sarah Palin doesn’t have enough experience to be Vice President, but Obama, with less experience, somehow has enough to be President. He praises Obama as a new generation, but doesn’t give the same praise to Sarah Palin, who supposedly more represents his own views. Last year he gave the maximum $2,300 campaign contribution to John McCain. This is scary stuff that people can be so deceptive for so long about their views. Oprah and Powell have fooled a lot of people through the years.

And so it goes – Oprah Winfrey and Colin Powell show their true colors. It’s as simple as black and white to me. In a fair country people of all races are treated equally. Since a white person wouldn’t get a pass for voting solely on the basis of their own race, I’m not giving a pass to Oprah Winfrey or Colin Powell, especially in a year with two female candidates. So the color they show is the color of their own prejudices. If there are race problems in America it is because of people like this, who stoke the flames of race, instead of treating all people equally. Hypocrisy and racism don’t sound like the kind of change and new direction we are looking for.

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