China Has More Problems Than Just Muslim Extremists

This week’s terrorist attack in China left at least 16 policemen dead and about an equal number injured. The terrorists were described as two men from a “mainly Muslim ethnic group.” They rammed a truck into and hurled explosives at jogging policemen. The savages also hacked the police officers with knives.

This shows the difficulty of dealing with terrorism, when one of the most oppressive governments in the world like China is hit like this. It also shows that someone in the United States must have been doing something right for the last 7 years to keep attacks down – considering how much easier it is for a free country to be hit.

The last place a terrorist wants to be caught is in China. You will be lucky if you have your vital organs for another year, much less getting your desired food or having your warped religious beliefs catered to. Places like China make Guantanamo Bay look like a country club for the very rich.

Although you will only hear about the attacks that can’t be covered up, China has more problems than just Muslim fanatics. Despite the Chinese government censoring access to information with the help of Google, many of their citizens are wise to much of what is going on. At some point, when family members suffer from political and or religious persecution, people will risk their lives for some sort of freedom. Unfortunately they are up against one of the most powerful militaries of all time.

China will put their best foot forward for the Olympics, but it will be an attempt at one of the biggest charades ever. While it may be just a token gesture, I don’t have a problem with any politician who boycotts the Olympics, whether they be liberal or conservative. I think it’s a mistake for President Bush to attend and give credibility to this oppressive regime…

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