Celebrity Lessons: One Dead Trainwreck – One Brain Dead Trainwreck

Anna Nicole Smith Trainwreck Britney Spears Trainwreck

It’s being reported that Anna Nicole Smith commented last year that she thought Britney Spears was “totally cool” and would like to meet and hang out with her. If you want to boil all this down to the root of the problem, that is a good example of it. Anna Nicole wanted to hang out with the “cool” Britney. Britney wanted to hang out with the “cool” Paris Hilton… When you surround yourself with the wrong people bad things happen. When people are led to believe that stupidity is glamorous, it compounds the problem. In this case Anna is dead and Britney is brain dead.

I do think that these events provide a great teaching opportunity for parents. It is a natural thing for a kid to do stupid things for attention. To believe that it pays off is a dangerous thing. People like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton can live like this and wreck their lives and when they walk out of rehab they still have millions of dollars waiting for them. In other words, they can better afford to be stupid. When they finally wake up, if don’t kill themselves, they have a great life to walk back to.

The poor girl who looks up to Britney Spears and never gets started in life doesn’t have all the options of a Britney. They are the ones who made her rich in the first place. How sad it that? Another sad thing is that kids buy into the appearance that people like Britney Spears are happy. They certainly should be, but their ignorance prevents it. They have no idea of the opportunities they’ve been given. The public pays and they spend. That’s about all they know. Maybe it’s not even their fault.

Anyone who needs constant attention and publicity can’t be happy. If these simpletons like Britney Spears aren’t the center of attention they can’t handle it. They are like spoiled children and those aren’t tears of joy. I think most people can be happy with money and fame, but there are some who can’t. Look at Elvis. I don’t think Elvis craved the constant attention that these others do. Plus he wasn’t born famous like some of them basically were. But Elvis was one who surrounded himself with the wrong people.

It won’t be long and people will grow tired of the current crop of celebrity misfits. Then it will be on to the next “hot” dumb chicks. Such is the life of a bimbo – rich or poor. These kinds of antics might be good short-term publicity stunts, but they are recipes for short careers, not long ones. Their lifestyles are recipes for short, unhappy lives as well.

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