Caroline Kennedy’s Senate Hopes Crushed By David Paterson

Can anyone really believe that after all the posturing for Hillary Clinton’s vacant Senate seat that Caroline Kennedy changed her mind at this stage of the game? I think Ted Kennedy’s health is a smokescreen, since she knew his condition was serious before all this self promotion began. David Paterson is due to make a decision and she pulls out now?

The reality is almost certainly that she was told she would not get the nod from New York Governor David Paterson and publicly pulled herself from consideration, instead of getting overlooked. It’s a political move, perhaps the only one she has made that shows she has the potential to be a politician.

Caroline Kennedy was not qualified for the job to begin with, although Hillary Clinton wasn’t either. Paterson could have saved her all the embarrassment that she has brought on herself by telling her sooner that she was not likely to get the selection. I think he has been watching the polls on this like the typical modern day politician. Andrew Cuomo might be the choice by Paterson, although he seems to have done an adequate job as Attorney General and might be better suited for that. Hopefully if he gets the Senate seat he will be his own man and not a political carbon copy of his father Mario Cuomo.

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