Caroline Kennedy Another Example Why Elections Are a Must – You Know


If Blagogate hasn’t convinced you yet of why elections, not appointees are vital to having good leadership, the fiasco surrounding Hillary Clinton’s vacant Senate seat should. Caroline Kennedy had an interview where she said ‘you know’ 138 times. It is incredible, although a bit painful to see/hear. Can you imagine what the media and Saturday Night Live would do if this was Sarah Palin?

Since it is assumed Caroline Kennedy is a liberal – she won’t be humiliated Dan Quayle style by the media. If they suspect she is anything but a rubber-stamp for the democrats you will see something much different.

“If I could be as good as Senator Teddy, you know, that would be, you know, an honor.” — Caroline Kennedy

That quote by Caroline Kennedy is a pretty good clue that she would be more like Ted Kennedy than John F. Kennedy. You know what I’m saying?

Even Governors who make it in because of scandals or death should probably be made to win some kind of election. Look at what N.Y. State inherited with David Paterson. This guy is worse than Eliot Spitzer. He has no shame when it comes to getting money out of the poor with his compassionless tax schemes. Now he has the power to select a United States Senator? God help us all.

The Blagogate scandal as well as the beggars of Hillary’s N.Y. Senate seat, among others should prove the need for elections, not selections. Any selection should be very temporary. I know elections are not cheap, but what is the price to democracy to have thieves and incompetents selecting our Senators and Governors?

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