Boston Herald Thought Police Writer Attacks Denis Leary

So the latest to be lynched in the media is Denis Leary and the latest media clown to do it is a writer by the name of Peter Gelzinis. I’m so sick of people who are so ignorant they can’t figure out what someone is trying to say or they can’t at least give someone the benefit of the doubt as far as their intentions. It seems that people like this don’t really care anyway. They just see someone who has left themselves vulnerable and they move in for the kill.

I’m not a pop culture person, so I am usually pointing out the stupidity or hypocrisy with a lot of these people. Since I came to the side of Michael Savage for the same nonsense, I’ll come to the side Denis Leary. Why can’t some people try to see the point someone is making when they say something a little over the top, instead of tryng to make them out to be haters of handicapped children? Geesh.

Lost in the comments of Denis Leary and Michael Savage was the grain of truth they were trying to point out. There is also an attempt at humor as well, whether you get it or like it. Neither Savage nor Leary were picking on any actual autistic children. Denis Leary said: “There is a huge boom in autism right now because inattentive mothers and competitive dads want an explanation for why their dumb-ass kids can’t compete academically, so they throw money into the happy laps of shrinks… to help explain away the deficiencies of their junior morons.”

OK, so you don’t think it’s funny. Do you really think Denis Leary thinks there are no autistic children? Please… I would not defend any of these guys if I thought they actually believed there were no autistic or handicapped kids. Some people can’t wrap their brains around a joke, especially one with a point. Seems many of these people are quicker to defend a terrorist than they are a comedian.

We all know that not all doctors are on the up and up. We know some doctors hand out prescriptions like candy to the delight of drug companies. Are there really that many people with erectile dysfunction to account for a viagra commercial every 5 minutes? That’s a lot of viagra. I am an observer of humanity, and I suspect the vast majority of people got along just fine before viagra made it onto the scene. There are doctors who give diet pills to skinny people and there are no doubt doctors who’s favorite abuse is diagnosing autism. There are enough quacks to go around. There are also plenty of parents who can’t handle if their kids aren’t number one. Again, an observer of humanity here.

People who make these jokes/comments are usually trying to help the children and their parents who actually do suffer from these kinds of problems. Abuses of the system, any system, only hurt the ones who really need it. It’s not that hard to figure out.

Michael Savage and Denis Leary, in their own ways, made some observations about people that had plenty of truth attached to them. There is an epidemic of spoiled children and lazy parents out there. You already kinda know that, don’t you? There is no reason to believe it is always autism. There is no reason to believe there aren’t people in the medical profession who care more about money than they do people. There is no shortage of greed out there these days. Did the medical profession somehow evolve faster than everything else?

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