BlagoGate the Top News Story for Week Ending 12/14/08

According to the figures at, the BlagoGate scandal was easily the lead story last week. BlagoGate garnered a 28% share over the 20% share the U.S. Automakers news story pulled down. The financial crisis, the new Obama Administration and Caylee Anthony stories rounded out the top 5.

BlagoGate ranked as a bigger story than the Eliot Spitzer prostitute scandal, which ended his reign as Governor of New York. In fact, it is the biggest weekly story of the year not related to the election or economy.

The Rod Blagojevich scandal is not going away for a long long time. Just the Illinois Governor’s part in the scandal will make for big news throughout the coming year. The part that others will play will only add to this huge story.

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