Blago Speech Could Be One for the Books – Could He Be Innocent?

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich wants said he is dying to speak to the people of Illinois and he does plan to do so. This could be one memorable speech.

Could Blago be innocent? Everyone has assumed his guilt, yet there is supposed to be a presumption of innocence. Unless this is a witch-hunt of historic proportions it sure looks like he is guilty. What kind of defense could he come up with?

I am thinking he has 2 choices to try to gain favor with the people. The first one is to make a case that those statements he made were somehow tongue in cheek and not serious attempts to sell the Senate seat and such. I know that is a stretch, but it may be his only hope. If these tapes have gaps in them it could raise some doubts.

His other hope is to fight back and throw others under the bus. If the names are big enough it could make him a sympathetic figure. Again, a long shot, but maybe his only hopes of a miraculous turnaround. Naming names publicly might not be the best way of working out a deal with prosecutors, but this is Blago here. Maybe he figures his image is so badly tarnished he could never get a fair trial without gaining some public support.

Things could become increasingly interesting in the coming year. The BlagoGate plot thickens.

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