Birmingham Mayor Nabbed For Bribery and Fraud Is a DEMOCRAT

Birmingham, Alabama Mayor Larry Langford is a Democrat, in case you didn’t hear it from the mainstream media. Langford was accused of steering millions of dollars of bond work to a friend in exchange for help paying his debts for expensive clothes, jewelry and Rolex watches…

I was curious about what party he belonged to when I saw no mention of it in my scanning of headlines. I read an Associated Press story on it and it wasn’t mentioned that he was a Democrat until the 6th paragraph. I then checked another news site and it turned out to be the same AP story. The 2 sites headlines I clicked on and looked at were the USA Today and the Boston Herald. It only took me until reading the 2nd paragraph to know that the Birmingham Mayor wasn’t a Republican.

When a republican is hit with these kinds of scandals you usually don’t have to wonder what party they belong to. The story has a longer shelf life and you’ll more than likely know his party in the headline or the first paragraph – not the 6th. Certainly not within 24 hours of the story breaking. Just an example of how media bias takes place that you wouldn’t notice, unless you are paying attention to it.

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